In this update, we added a few new features to save you time and make life easier as well as seriously upgrading the resources for on-boarding your members, we know you are busy so let’s just dive straight in.

New Features

First up is Session Component Preview, in the session calendar you can now click the option at the bottom to view what components are in each session right in the calendar view saving time (See below image).

You can find the option to toggle this at the bottom of the session calendar.

Next, we added a helper tool called Smart Sets to assist with programming strength exercises. When building sets rather than adding sets individually and then duplicating/updating percentages you can now use Smart Sets. In the tool there are 2 options, you can type out what you want in a set format like “5 x 5” or “6 x 3 @ 80% of 1RM” or complete the form filling in the options. Using the form option gives you the ability to set a starting percentage and increase by an amount each set (See below image).

We also created a Learn video tutorial to help you get started with smart sets:

Finally, for features, we improved the member TeamUp Connection Process making it easier to diagnose a member with connection issues and then to fix the issue. By visiting the TeamUp Integration page from the sidebar you can now search for a customer in your TeamUp account and see which BxoMate member they are connected to. If this isn’t what it should be you can then clear that connection and reconnect to the correct BoxMate account.


So as much as we wish it was the case, unfortunately when you roll out BoxMate and announce it to your members not everyone is going to be excited, see the value and jump on it straight away adding it to their daily routine. It will likely take a good few weeks to gain some traction as people start to talk about it, interact with each other and see themselves making progress.

To assist with getting your members onboard and invested we have created a whole set of resources focusing on each area of BoxMate that members can use, what they can do with it and how it might help them. We are confident that putting these in front of your members shortly after rolling out and at regular intervals, you will pull more people into the app. More people = more engagement, stronger community and ultimately better retention.

To access your new resources including custom announcement graphics created for you with your own branding you can go to Account->Resources from the sidebar in the admin application. For each section, you will find a standard social post sized graphics with accompanying text and custom generated gym hashtags/mentions that you can simply highlight, copy and paste! There are also story graphics with text overlayed for using straight on Instagram/Facebook. Of course, these graphics are not limited to social media, wherever you can get them in front of members go for it!

By educating members on BoxMate and its benefits you will help them make it an important part of their training. So as an incentive, if you post the initial announcement graphic on social media with us tagged in the post (Both standard post and story) you will receive £10.00 account credit. If you then go on to continue with the series and post the rest of the graphics every few days/weekly until they are complete you will receive a further £25.00 account credit.



Last bit we promise! More and more gyms are referring BoxMate to other gyms which is amazing and we appreciate it so much! Under the resources page Account->Resources you now have access to a direct referral link you can click to copy and send to people looking to start with BoxMate plus see how much you have earned to date. This scheme earns the new customer a further 2 weeks on their free trial and you will receive £50.00 account credit when they stay on for 3 months.

Thank you for reading! Any feedback, please get in touch with us at

Team BoxMate