In BoxMate you will record scores for workouts and exercises, workouts will only ever ask you for a score but with exercises, you can log scores or sets. Let’s break down each to make it clear what you should be logging after your sessions! Trust us, this is really worth a read if you want to get the most out of using BoxMate 🤚🏼

Logging Single Scores 🔢

When you log a single score you are recording 1 entry for that exercise which you have tested yourself on during the session. This will either be your heaviest lift, fastest time, longest duration, most calories or other types.

When you enter this score it is saved under the ‘My Scores‘ tab on the exercise page which can be accessed from the library or from the timetable when it is assigned to a session. If this is your first score, a PB or a matched effort BoxMate will let you know (and shower you with confetti) plus update your score on the leaderboard for that exercise.

Recording Sets 🔂

When recording sets you are saving the working reps/weights/times and set counts so that you can revisit them next time the same exercise is programmed. This lets you see exactly how you built up to your best set during that session and use that information to plan your sets this time rather than just seeing what the max/best was.

When you save your sets BoxMate does some clever stuff in the background, especially for weight exercises. The app analyses each set you perform looking for any other exercises that match the rep count. If it finds one and this is the first score or a PR it will automatically update that baseline score for you by inserting a score and let you know. This means when logging sets you don’t also have to enter individual scores. If you don’t want this you can turn it off in preferences.

Timetable Logging 🆕

In our latest update, we added quick log buttons to the timetable to speed up the process of logging post session! For workouts you will always see ‘Log Score‘ but for exercises, you may also see ‘Log Sets‘.

If your coach has programmed specific sets and reps for the session you will see ‘Log Sets’ and when you select this it will automatically prefill those sets and reps. For weight exercises, if a percentage and target were selected and you have a calculated weight this will be entered too for you again speeding up the process (Below Image).

If you need to adjust any reps/weights slightly – no worries simply tap and edit before saving and if you don’t want to record sets you can tap ‘Add single score instead?’ under the title.

Score Page Logging  🏋️‍♀️

You don’t have to log from the timetable, from exercises and workouts that aren’t programmed to a session you can just find them in the library and then use the floating logging button bottom right to add a score or sets. For sets, there will be no prefilled information but you can easily add and remove.

Viewing Scores & Sets 👀

Once you have logged wither your scores or sets they can be forever accessed on the scores page by either tapping ‘View Scores’ inside the timetable or by going to the library and searching/filtering to find your exercise. When you arrive on the page you will see your scores listed in latest first under the ‘Scores’ tab (Below Image Left). To view sets tap ‘Sets‘ to switch and then tap an individual record to view recorded sets and reps (Below Image Right).

That’s it! We hope this explains the difference between scores and sets for you, make sure you give us a follow on Instagram to be kept up to date with more BoxMate tips and tricks! 💪🏼

Regards Team BoxMate!