With the Open just around the corner we wanted to show you how you can run it smoothly through the Competitions feature in BoxMate PLUS.

‘Just wanted to say how good the competitions feature is. It made running the comp super easy for me & it looks really smart as well’

– Beth Giles from @csc_centralstaffscrossfit

This Feature lets you create online or live competitions for your gym. For the Open, you’d create an online comp meaning that either you and your coaches can enter all scores, or you can allow members to upload their own scores too across a longer time frame – adding each open workout to the comp details as it becomes available.

You can add squads to the competition too. Why not divide all your athletes into squads under the names of different coaches to create a coach vs coach competition element? Use the Special Award Points function to assign or deduct points to squads for extra elements you decide such as squad with the most team spirit etc!

So, let’s check out the tutorial below for a step by step video guide of how to set up your competition ready for the Open.


If you’re not already on PLUS you can easily upgrade your account on your plan page for a 30 day free trial (Accounts > Plan). Not only will this will give your app pre-designed custom branding, access to PT and scheduling and more – it’s also the perfect time to upgrade to have access to the competitions feature throughout the Open too!

You want to make sure you are using the new version of BoxMate. Not sure if you are yet? Head to your dashboard – if you can see a green button asking you to try the preview now then click this button. If you can see Main and Health options under Dashboard then you are already on the new version. From tomorrow on the admin dashboard in the new version you will be able to auto-move all your members across to the new version of the members’ app too! 


‘We used the comp feature & it was sparkling!’ –

Max Camozzi from @shirefit_westyorkshire

Not signed up for the open yet? Why not hit the link below to get in for the Open – you won’t regret it!

Here’s the link to Register for the Open!