went for the fitness but I stayed for the community


For any of us that train and coach in a CrossFit or Functional Fitness style gym, we know that the community and sense of being part of a team is a truly incredible feeling. It somehow makes those sickening workouts fun (although can Kalsu ever be actually described as fun?! 🤣) But seriously, when you’re all in it together and sharing in the pain and celebration when it’s done it does create an epic vibe that you just don’t get from a ‘regular’ gym.

Members aren’t just seen as paying customers who come and go purely to exercise. They’re part of a group of people with similar goals and interests – as a coach we know it’s a huge part of the job to make everyone feel comfortable, challenged, included and happy about where they’re at. Personal touches can help you to welcome in new members and also, keep your long standing members engaged and on top of their training.

So, with that in mind, we wanted to look at just 3 simple ways you can easily personalise BoxMate for your members to make their training experience even better.


1. Customised Media 📸 📹

The amazing event photographer and partner Active Stills has supplied all the default pictures you’ll find inside the BoxMate app. These photos of various movements and workouts are great, but it can be even better for your members to see a familiar face performing that movement or workout.

For new members who might be completely new to CrossFit movements it can be quite intimidating trying to learn all the various techniques. Seeing their coaches and other members they know from the gym perform the movements makes it much more relatable for them. 

With the option to add ‘custom media’ in BoxMate you can upload your own library of pictures and videos and assign them to movements within the app.

So, in the example below the box has uploaded their coach performing a deadlift on a short video. Now when members search ‘Deadlift’ they can tap the red video button and the video will play right inside their app helping them to learn and perfect the technique.

Adding Media is easy – you can do it straight from your mobile or from your desktop. Watch the tutorial here >>> Add Custom Videos & Images. 


This is also really handy for coaching if you also have the BoxMate Live screen as you can display your linked videos in full screen for movement demos as you coach your class.

Click here to check out our short video tutorial for ‘how to add Custom Media’ inside BoxMate.


Personalised Percentages 👨🏻‍🏫 ✏️

The target percentages feature means that you can really personalise your programming for each individual. You can set target movements as you build your workouts and then the members’ app will display the correct working weight for each member in the Timetable (if they have previously recorded a score for that movement). You can choose whether to show ‘the working’ of the percentages or whether to just display working weights for your members (see the examples below).

See how to set target percentages in this short tutorial here >>> Set Target Percentages. 



On their own app members can choose whether to base their percentages off their PB for a lift or the last weight they recorded for a particular movement. This is great as it ensures your members are challenging themselves safely and appropriately, it makes your programming more personalised, and let’s face it – it stops those annoying mid-WOD questions from everyone about how much weight they should load up with for every set.


Box News ✏️📢

Box News lets you keep your members up-to-date with important information about what’s going on in the gym community that is of interest to them. Once you publish a new post, members can be instantly notified. This is a really powerful tool for keeping your members in the loop from box news updates, important upcoming events, urgent notices, programming overviews, member announcements and literally anything else you want them to know about. Any unread notifications will also show up on their homepage too so you can be sure they won’t miss important information.

As a coach you’ll then have tools on both your Admin area and inside your coaches corner (as in the images below) to view the stats on your post like how many views it’s had/ how many links have been clicked (if you’ve added any) and how many comments.


By publishing a post with Box News, you don’t have to worry about a social media post getting missed, or an email going un-opened. All your members will get a notification straight to their phone so you can be sure they don’t miss out on the info and they can stay involved!

You can publish News Posts straight from your mobile in your Coaches’ Corner. To see how to do that click here watch our tutorial.

BoxMate PLUS 👀

To really personalise your members app then take a look at our premium tier BoxMate PLUS.

With PLUS you can completely customise the branding of your app, create bespoke groups and audiences, build in house competitions and offer PT sessions for your members!

Want to see what PLUS is all about? Why not start a month free trial today? Click here to start your trial! 

Thanks for reading! 👍🏻


Love and High 5s,

Team BoxMate.