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It’s been a sharp learning curve for many of us as we adjust to life around the outbreak of Coronavirus/ COVID-19.

With many people self-isolating or distancing, CrossFit boxes which are usually brimming full with members are sitting quiet with declines in attendance – whether this is due to smaller class size restrictions, members choosing to stay away, or in some cases, due to gyms having to close all together.

It’s been fantastic to see the fitness community pull together over the last few weeks offering support, encouragement and free workouts to get involved with. Until we see the end of the outbreak it’s so important that we continue to keep the community fit, active and healthy – even when they can’t physically make it into a gym/ CrossFit box.

COVID 19 – How To Offering Home Workouts For Members

Many of you have already been offering home workouts as an option for your members through BoxMate. Seeing so many members pull together by sending each other virtual High 5s and comments (in the absence of being able to send physical ones!) has been amazing and is a great way to get your members to stay connected and help support each other through these uncertain times.

So, this blog is a reminder of how to add a second programme in BoxMate with your home workouts if you haven’t already.

Click to watch this video for a demo, or scroll down if you’d prefer to read the steps. 


Step One

To view and manage programmes, click ‘Programming’ then ‘Programmes’ from the sidebar menu in the admin area.

From the programmes page you will see you already have your default programme (most likely named CrossFit).

Step Two

To add a new programme with all your home workouts,  hit ‘Add New’ at the top of the list.

Then, from the popup choose the name (e.g Home WOD) and set the Visibility as open and Type as standard then click save.

Now you have a second programme where you can upload all your home workouts for members. They can find this programme inside their BoxMate app and still log their scores from home as normal.


Keep your members active despite COVID-19 self-distancing measures

Uploading your home workouts through BoxMate will help to keep your members fit and healthy at a time when this is so important. It also means you can keep an eye on their activity and your members can still communicate and compete against each other until things go back to normal!

Coronavirus Support through BoxMate Home Programming



We’ve had many generous offers from our gyms/ boxes to provide their home programming free of charge for all users of BoxMate.

We will be starting to upload these sessions into BoxMate Bits to support all our gyms and their members to offer alternative workouts to try from home.

By competing in BoxMate bits your members will have an additional challenge to compete against everyone getting involved in the workout – even people not in your gym, so it’s another way to keep things interesting and help members stay motivated! 💪🏻

Other awesome people on social media have been sharing free workouts too –Pat Sherwood’s account here might help to help give you some inspiration for your programming.


Thanks for reading – let’s keep spreading the love and positivity until we’re all back as normal.


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