We are very excited to announce the latest version of our admin & coaches platform which went live today, sign in now to see what’s new but be sure to take a few minutes and read the below so you don’t miss anything exciting 😉

This update to the BoxMate application adds new dashboard data and insights, data workout tagging and access to a new global workout library along with many other small features. Read full release details below

New Dashboard

We updated the way you view activity statistics on the dashboard, hover over a panel to change from week to month view. Big week of PRs? Crazy amount of High Fives? Why not take a screenshot and get it on instagram and show off what your programming is doing for your members and how engaged they are.

Workout Data Tagging

Here’s the big one, when building any workouts inside BoxMate there are now a few extra options to tag quickly before you save so that we can later analyse programming and make sure we are delivering the best sessions to our members.

New Workout Options | When building a workout there are now origins to choose from including Live which can be used for displaying workouts inside the box on the BoxMate Live TV screen only and not in the members app as well as Testing and Competition which members will soon be able to filter through

Workout Filters | The new filter option lets you use all the new data along with the old standard options to filter workouts and find something specific, of course you can still use standard search to look for movements or names

The Build Button | If you find yourself in the workout library and come across a WOD you want to programme quickly, simply press the new Build button next to View to jump straight into a session builder with the component already assigned

Global Workout Library

From the beginning we have setup each individual gym with their own list of default workouts and exercises. Over time these have got a little out of sync and we are now resolving this with the Global Workout Library. When you go to workouts you will now see a new button which will say Sync or X Available if there are new workouts to download. Pressing this will open a popoup, show you any new workouts and let you sync to download them as well as updating all defaults in your library – we made old workout look more pretty and converted all LB to KG too 😉

Already added something yourself that’s in the list? Not a problem, simply copy the workout name exactly from the popup then update your already saved workout with that name and it will stop prompting you to download when you try again.

Programme Analysis

So we have all this data, now we need to use it. Welcome programme analysis! This simple to use area looks at a selected programme and gives you a breakdown by for each data point and allows quick switching between types and time periods.

We actually gave a few boxes access to this feature a few weeks early and feedback on the FIRST DAY was that it had already helped to identify areas of programming that needed modifying! How amazing is that? We cannot wait to see how this helps you deliver the best programme possible!

Session Builder

We cleaned up the session builder to make things fit your screen a little better and removed the deep search as this is now done from the workouts library with the new build button. We also added a neat little workout preview for when you assign a workout and need to just check over the details quickly before saving by simply clicking the green workout icon.

Other Bits

iPad Optimisation | We drastically improved the way BoxMate lets you work on your iPad/tablet utilising more space and squashing a few pesky display bugs

Members App Toolbar | When your admin and member accounts are linked you can quickly switch straight to the coaches view from inside the members app, we added a new toolbar to make it easier to use with refresh and back buttons

Exercise Types | New exercise origin Complex and new type Height (in) for building exercise components

iPad Optimisation | We drastically improved the way BoxMate lets you work on your iPad/tablet utilising more space and squashing a few pesky display bugs

At BoxMate we are constantly working on improving your experience and delivering the best tools for coaches to deliver programming and keep the members engaged, motivated and on top of their training.

If you have suggestions for improvements please do not hesitate to email us using future@boxmateapp.co.uk

Thanks for reading and we hope you like what we’ve done!

Regards Danny (Owner & Developer)

UPDATE MAY 2020 – See the latest Version of BoxMate here