If you’re currently using another system to input programming and allow members to track their progress at your box but are fed up and have been wanting to move to a better system, you’re probably put off moving because of how long it might take you, or how much of a headache it could be moving all your members’ data across.

Moving to BoxMate Is Easy

But, moving to BoxMate from another provider is a simple process. If you’re coming to us from SugarWOD or Beyond The Whiteboard, members can simply export their data from the app and then just send it across to us in an email to let us import the most important scores to their new BoxMate account. This helps them to get going without any downtime.


We switched from BTWB to SugarWod and now finally to BoxMate and we’re happy with our progression! The Box News thing is SO good for those who don’t do social or read emails. You get to capture their attention while they’re booking classes – it’s perfect.

 Matt Southam Full Range Fitness


However, it is important to note, due to the way different systems work and store scores, we can only import a percentage of your members’ data. We can sync Benchmark WODs, Hero WODs, Open workouts and any 1RM lifts plus some other METCON style exercise tests (Run/Row/Bike etc). For anything else that your members have logged and would like to keep they can easily input this data themselves and backdate for all the lifts and scores they want to remember and keep.

While we don’t currently support uploading Wodify data, we’ve had many boxes/ gyms make the move from Wodify to BoxMate with no issues at all. Because your members can backdate as many workout and exercise scores as they want it won’t take long for them to do so that they can keep hold of the scores they want to keep.

It’s always a good idea to give members plenty of notice before switching so they can make a quick note of important scores that they can then transfer in themselves. 

My old system was all-in-one, does BoxMate take care of class bookings too?

If you’re coming from an all-in-one system like Wodify then switching to BoxMate + TeamUp is easy. We integrate seamlessly with TeamUp to bring you a dynamic gym management system solution. This means one single app for your members to book classes, manage their memberships, track their training and engage with the community.


We can’t remember life before BoxMate. Couldn’t recommend this cool app highly enough. If you’re thinking about how you can set your box above others around, I wouldn’t think twice about investing in this brilliant piece of technology!

 Matt Thompson Reebok CrossFit Stockport


Get Started

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re fed up of the current system you’re using then let us make that right! BoxMate is the simple way to keep your members engaged, motivated and on top of their training while making programming and running the gym a breeze for you and your coaches.

Try before you buy with our completely free 30 day trial. No card details required, no contracts. Just fill in the free trial request and Danny (Our Owner & Developer) will be in touch for a quick friendly chat to introduce himself and our platform before answering your questions and getting you set up using BoxMate at your gym!

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