MAY 2020 UPDATE – If you’re looking for the latest version of BoxMate please click here. 

Okay so this is a big one, here’s the quick run down on all the new features for coaches which went live in today’s update. As you can see there is a lot so i have tried to keep it short and sweet! When you are done reading be sure to dive in and try out some of the new bits! Also follow us on social to see new feature demo’s dropping over the next few weeks!

Programming | IMPROVED – We simplified the process and added sets for all exercises, intervals, partner workouts, max reps and WOD tagging. You can programme for multiple dates and repeat plus we added the ability to publish programming to the members. You can now use custom images and videos for workouts and exercises and even auto assign based on movements.

Box News | IMPROVED – You can now add a call to action, track views, links and clicks then retarget based on non openers, clickers or just to re notify all.

Members | IMPROVED – Check out a members profile to see insights on the training, attendance social activity and interact with them directly from the coaches area with comments, high fives and nudges.

Dashboard | IMPROVED – The dashboard has been updated to display clearer insights about the gym along with letting you see live activity from the members and interact directly from the dashboard. New quick toolbar links help you get to where you need to be quicker.

Settings | IMPROVED – You can now update your installation details including gym name, logo and primary contact details.

Media | NEW – Manage your uploaded media plus auto assign images to workouts and exercises based on movements or name.

Advanced Workout Search | NEW – Search for a workout that you have previously programmed using a number of filters like type, origin, data tags and even movements that were in the workout. Once you find what you are looking for re-programme with a single click.

Nudges | NEW – Send a quick notification to the members, filter by those who are dropping off or send a general motivational message to the whole gym.

Member Goals | NEW – View all member goals and see statistics on setting, completion and expiration. Set a new goal for a member that they can accept in the app and also send pre filled nudges for motivation.

Questions | NEW – Ask a question to the members and see poll style results inside the coaches’ area. Use this to help make decisions and include the members.

Snippets | NEW – Save a chunk of text like a warmup, session plan, skill notes or news template and save it as a snippet. From any text editor simply click to search and add your snippet.

Locations | NEW – If you have more than one location you can now specify these, members will be asked to select their primary location and then you can use filters for interacting through the other features (News/Questions/Nudges). Members can also filter activity to see only their location in the app.

Today’s Board | NEW – Use the coaches corner in the members app when your coach account is linked to upload a picture of the whiteboard and add it to a session. This way members can go back to a session they forgot to log a score for last week and see their scores.

Resources | NEW – Access promotional resources and graphics to use for raising awareness of BoxMate at your gym. This area will be upgraded constantly with new material.

TeamUp Class Filters | NEW – Filter the classes that are shown inside the BoxMate app. Keep the list clean by removing classes from the BoxMate timetable that aren’t required by the users.

Tools | NEW – New tools allow you to cleanup workouts and exercises that have scores separately for the same thing. If you added ‘Back Squat 1 Rep Max’ on top of the default ‘Back Squat’ for example you can now merge scores automatically removing the redundant exercise.

Along with this HUGE update we have released a brand new website with a new support section called Learn. Here you can watch a growing series of video tutorials which will eventually cover all aspects of BoxMate in detail.

If you were part of the BETA programme and helped us test this release we are extremely grateful and could not have done it without you. If you find any issues please contact me directly using

Regards Danny
Owner & Developer