Encouraging your members to regularly track their performance has a range of benefits for you as a business owner. We’ve outlined the key reasons why it’s so important for you to make this a daily habit for your members at your gym.


It costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, and research has shown that increasing member retention rates by 5% generally increased a businesses profits anywhere between 25% and 95%. So, it’s quite clear that keeping hold of the members we already have at the gym is a hugely smart business move. Not only that, but it helps us build our community to have long standing gym members that build friendships with each other too! So, how do we make sure we are retaining our members?

How many times have you heard a member complain that they don’t feel like they are getting anywhere, or that they feel demotivated because they say they aren’t seeing progress?

You as a coach will probably feel frustrated by comments like this. You’ll know just how far that member has progressed and be able to see a huge difference since they began their journey with you, but sometimes, it’s hard for members to realise just how far they’ve come since stepping into the gym without the hard facts in front of them (especially if that progress has been incremental over a long period of time).

When your members have been consistently tracking in BoxMate you can easily pull up their stats from when they first walked through the door right through to today. You can talk them through them exactly where they have been making gains and progress and show them this on physical graphs and charts. You can also coach them through some areas they perhaps haven’t been making as much progress in and let them know how they can make some goals to focus on making improvements in those areas. Have proof that your programming is working and have confidence that you can talk your members through exactly where they have made progress without playing a guessing game.

Not only this, but as BoxMate will always let your members know every time they have hit a new PR or made an improvement on a WOD they’ve previously done, you’ll probably find you are having much fewer frustrating conversations because your members are constantly reminded of the progress they are making.


In the same way that tracking is so important for your members, it’s also so useful for you as a coach (for obvious reasons!)

With percentage calculations done for members based off their most recent lifts in BoxMate, you can relax knowing your members are challenging themselves safely when they tackle a WOD. Not to mention, no more annoying questions like ‘What weight should I aim for on this rep/ movement’ from 20 different members all the way through a workout. You can simply tell them to open their app and it’s all already there for each individual on their personal timetable.


If you are PTing clients it’s incredibly useful having all their data at your fingertips too. Often when you take on a new PT client you might not know exactly where they are in terms of their strength or fitness and it might take a few sessions for you to get to know where they are at before you can really dive in and start tailoring your PT sessions for them.

When you have a PT client from your gym that’s already been tracking their progress in BoxMate there is no more guess work for you when they sign up for a PT session. You can search every single movement or workout they’ve ever done and see exactly what they’ve lifted or scored. This data empowers you to to work out strengths and areas of weakness while you are prepping their custom programming right from the get go.


We get tagged in so many Confetti screenshots where members caption that they are shocked to learn they’ve PBd during a WOD or are delighted to see that they’ve improved their time in a WOD since they last did it the year before or even longer ago. That’s because it’s so easy to forget the weights and times you’ve hit for every single movement and workout.

Without tracking, it can be easy for members to forget weights they’ve lifted or times they’ve scored in the past. Having all of their performance logged and kept inside BoxMate means they never forget a lift, and more importantly, they never miss a chance to celebrate their improvements. Everyone loves to feel like their hard work is paying off and they are getting somewhere, and seeing those numbers speak for themselves really does boost motivation hugely!


CrossFit and Functional Fitness is all about coming together to enjoy training and fitness. It’s so much more than just getting in and out of the gym in an hour everyday purely to stay fit or achieve an aesthetic goal.

It’s about sharing in the highs and lows of training as a team – and being able to share results with friends and other members at the gym keeps that community feeling going. It’s especially important when you have a bigger team of members who might never actually physically train at the same time together due to different lifestyle routines or commitments! With performance tracking in BoxMate you can see all your members coming together over the activity feed – sharing the love with high 5s and comments and getting involved in each others training and scores when they look at the leaderboard from the day.


Do you have members that just won’t track no matter what you do?

We know that no matter how much you coaches want your members to track their workouts, sometimes they just won’t get into the habit. So, here are just some ideas to try to help your members make tracking an ingrained habit to their training routine.

Habits form when we become used to performing the action regularly until we just do it without even thinking – so you can help to kickstart tracking for your members in various ways to help them start to form the habit.

  • Run a Competition and let your members know anyone who logs 3 x scores from Sunday – Sunday will be entered into a prize draw. You could give away something significant like a free PT session, or even something small like a Nocco from the vending machine! Whatever it is having some competition will encourage more members to take part! If you have PLUS you can set up an audience in BoxMate to keep tabs of this for you and then use the random member selector to find your winner! (To see how audiences work click here!)
  • Very simple – but very effective! Simply remind members to log their scores at the end of every class. You can actually get members to grab their phones and put their scores in for the WOD there and then. If you commit to doing this with every single class for three weeks you will see an increase in logging and help members form the habit.
  • Send out lots of high 5s and comments yourself in the app! Jump online at the end of the day, whizz down the activity feed and send out some high5s and comments to your members! Everyone loves a compliment from coach so create a buzz around recording scores!
  • Get the conversation going. If you have members who aren’t logging scores tell them why it’s so important! They might just not be able to see the value in it if they don’t see themselves as competitive, but remind them it’s not about competition, it’s about improvement! You could direct them to our blog here about Benchmark WODs, or just write out a short news post explaining the value of it in your own way!
  • Get BoxMate Live – showcase your members scores on the big screen in the box and show members how it’s done!

If you want any more advice or to talk to one of the team about how BoxMate could help you retain and motivate your members then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’re a very friendly bunch!

You can email us on info@boxmateapp.co.uk, send us an Insta message or, if you’re already a coach, just use the chat function from your Admin area!

Love & High 5s,

Team BoxMate